Vanderpump Rules' Stassi Insists She Saw "Red Flags" In Scheana's Marriage

Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock.
Loyal Vanderpump Rules viewers are watching Scheana Marie's split from husband Mike Shay on the show — and on social media. But while many of us are watching the relationship unravel through smartphones and on-demand binge-sessions, Marie's co-star, Stassi Schroeder, lived it in real life. In a new interview, Schroeder described how she saw it coming — and how fans can pick up on a few of the "red flags" in the season's remaining episodes.

"You’ll see as you keep watching this season. Shay kind of backed off from us almost entirely. It felt like he was almost never around," Schroeder told Us Weekly. Keep an eye out and you'll notice Shay's abrupt disappearance from the show. "So that to me was like a little bit of a red flag, but like nothing major. So when they actually decided to split up, that was a little shocking."

In a segment on her podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, Schroeder explained that the two-year marriage was strained from the beginning.

"It was so fast that, like, I don’t remember having, like, a real reaction. All I know is that I’m happy that they are getting a divorce. I think Scheana’s handled it so well and she’s been so strong," Schroeder explained. "And I don’t know if I would have been able to have that strength if I was in her position. But I admire the way that she’s handled everything."

In November 2016, Shay actually disappeared for a few days, leading many to believe that he'd relapsed. According to Us, Shay had an "eight-year addiction to painkillers." Shay re-emerged a few days later, and posted the following to his Instagram: "I am not missing. I am sober. I am Happy!!! Don't believe everything you read. I love my wife and will always love my wife. Whatever is going on between us will stay between us! I love my family and my family loves me and a lot of things have been said out [of] protection and anger by many people. I’m just ready for the next chapter in my life!"

Of her friend, Schroeder has added that she thinks that Marie is "strong" for having the courage to leave her two-year relationship and doing what she feels is best. While we know how the story ends, eagle-eyed viewers can watch for the same "red flags" Schroeder described and put the pieces together for themselves. We definitely know one A-lister will be tuning in — and hopefully offering up her own thoughts on the situation.

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