Why Are Chrissy Teigen's Legs So Bruised?

Why are Chrissy Teigen's legs so bruised? This may be the question you asked yourself after seeing her latest tweet.

Teigen posted a photo of her legs strewn out on a couch, covered in purple bruises. Most of which centered around her knees.

"Job hazard," she wrote.
It's not much of an explanation for her wounds, which she also posted on Snapchat from a different angle, but a no less painful one. Something she made clear with her frowning face with an open mouth emoji.
Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.

These uncomfortable-looking photos had fans questioning just what Teigen has been up to. The model replied, but she wasn't giving away much. "Oh just some dancing," she tweeted.

Teigen does her fair share of dancing on Lip Sync Battle, which could be the culprit of these marks. Or, maybe she's working on another music video with her husband John Legend? The two did just appear together in "Love Me Now," something you may have forgotten being that little Luna was the real star of that clip.

For now, it seems we'll have to wait and see since Teigen's being stingy with the details. Luckily, we like surprises.

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