Kelly Rowland Has Some Super Bowl Advice For Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is coming to the Super Bowl for the second time. After singing the national anthem last year, she's set to take center stage at the game's halftime show at Super Bowl LI. We don't know many details about her performance just yet, but a seasoned vet is giving Gaga some sage advice. Kelly Rowland, who performed at the 2013 Super Bowl with Destiny's Child, told People that she's excited to see the AHS star's performance, but adds that Gaga should definitely have fun while she's on the field. "She’s shown us the type of performer she is," Rowland told the magazine. "I’m just excited to see what tricks she’s gonna pull out of the bag." Rowland explained that a Super Bowl performance isn't like any other big-time gig. In a video for People, she says that each and every year, the event becomes a part of American culture and history. Since we've already seen Gaga do so much, there's no telling what she'll do for Super Bowl LI. Rowland assures us that we're not alone — she can't wait to see for herself. "I think a lot of people are excited to tune in because she’s come out of an egg, she’s had meat on her," Rowland adds. "This woman is just so brilliant and just innovative when it comes to performances, so I’m excited. She’s a sweetheart, so she’s gonna nail it." As for her own time in the Super Bowl spotlight, Rowland claims that she "blacked out for like three and a half minutes" during the performance because she was so overwhelmed. She hopes that Gaga relishes and savors every moment, because before Rowland realized it, the show was over: "It happened too fast — it literally happened so fast," she says. "I remember looking at my feet and the next thing I know we were exiting to the back to leave the field, and I was like, 'What just happened?' It happened so fast I would just say have fun, because it’s such a moment in time."
Check out Rowland's 2013 performance, below.

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