Take A Break From Despairing Over The State Of The World & Look At These Cute Zoo Animals

U.S. zoos could not have chosen a better time to start their #CuteAnimalTweetOff. Just when we were starting to truly believe there was no good left in the world, our Twitter feeds got bombarded with monkeys, tigers, turtles, and other happy-looking critters.

Smithsonian's National Zoo kicked off the trend with a photo of a seal just born on its premises, as Mashable reports.
Someone challenged the Virginia Aquarium to one-up the zoo, so they came up with this.
The two institutions battled it out in an adorable cutest-animal competition.
Other zoos insisted that they, in fact, had the cuddliest residents in the nation.
You can tell from these animals' expressions that they're not reading the news or worrying about the state of the world — or worrying about anything, really. They've continued hopping, skipping, or splashing along. This reminds us that maybe, we can, too. And for that, they all win.

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