Mr. Clean’s Sexy Super Bowl Ad Channels Magic Mike

Here are my major complaints about cleaning my home: It's difficult. It's time-consuming. And sometimes my knees ache. There's a lot to lament about cleaning — I could write an entire thesis on the subject. But I have never once picked up a mop and thought, "You know, this is could be a little — I don't know — sexier." Housekeeping is wanting for a lot of things, but sensuality is not one of them. This is not what the copywriters for Mr. Clean think, apparently. As TV Line reports, the company debuted a new advertisement for the brand on YouTube, and let's just say I wouldn't want to watch it with my parents. Mr. Clean, the bald and buff cartoon face of the brand, has always verged on being an American sex symbol. He wears a snug white tee-shirt and a single hoop earring, which, in some circles, qualifies him for objectification. (Live your life — if he's your yum, I won't yuck it.) In the new commercial, Mr. Clean really plays up his appeal. Sultry music plays, Mr. Clean's pants are just a touch too snug, and a woman gasps — all the elements of campy erotica are here, and they're going to interrupt your Super Bowl watching experience. With that in mind, though, this ad is following in the tradition of shocking Super Bowl commercials. That's half the reason I even watch the annual game. (I know I'm not alone in this.) But, hey, maybe next year don't have a cartoon man gyrate in a living room? Just a thought. Watch the full commercial, below.

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