This Couple Saved Their Wedding Cake Since 1900

Life is short, and apparently baked goods will outlive us all. I don't know about you, but I already thought the whole "save a piece of wedding cake to eat on your one-year anniversary" tradition was unappetizing (although clearly my wedding dessert was not memorable). But then we learned about this downright adorable couple who has been eating their wedding cake every year since 1955. More than 60 years! But there's more. Today, Reddit has come forth with what has to be the oldest wedding cake in existence — a slice of life from 117 years ago. Reddit user millionsarescreaming uploaded a photo of a pair of antique-looking packages wrapped in wax paper, cardboard, twine, and a century-old pink ribbon that has aged surprisingly well. They're inscribed in elaborate penmanship; the words "Ethel," "married January 1900 (age 20)," and "wedding cake" are perfectly legible on the wrapping. "A beautiful find in the archive," the user wrote. "Pieces of wedding cake saved since 1900...thought it was super romantic." When one commenter asked for a peek inside the packages (please, no), the poster responded: "We weren't brave enough to open it but when we shook the boxes a little it made a hard thunk noise. Probably not much to see but dust and dehydrated cake square." Wise choice. Romantic as this artifact may be, it's probably best to leave well enough alone. Go make one of these desserts for yourself instead. We're pretty sure Ethel would have wanted you to.

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