This Couple Has Been Nibbling On Their Original Wedding Cake For 61 Years

A lot of couples save the top tier of their wedding cake to enjoy together on their one-year anniversary. It's a way to relive the love and excitement of that monumental day. But one elderly couple in Florida took that common tradition and ran with it. And then kept running for over 60 years. Ann and Ken Fredericks were married August 19, 1955. For their wedding cake, Ann's grandmother made them a fruitcake, which was a family tradition. The Fredericks kept the top tier in a coffee tin in the back of their pantry and every year on their anniversary, they share a little sliver. Ann told Today that the cake doesn’t go bad, but she admits that it is a bit dry. That's why they soak their bites in brandy each year when the time comes. After 61 years, there’s only a 4-inch-long piece left, which Ann and Ken hope will last a few more years. The dark fruitcake is certainly a departure from the whimsical wedding desserts that are popular these days — and Ann knows that. And if the six-decade-old cake sounds unappetizing to you, you’re not the only one. The Fredricks’ children refuse to taste the cake when it's brought out. Though it might not be the tastiest cake, Ann says, "It just is something that keeps us close, and it’s not the cake alone — it’s everything. We’ve always done everything together." BRB, excuse us while we cry our eyes out.

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