Can You Guess Which Scandal Scenes Kerry Washington Filmed While Pregnant?

If you love TV Easter eggs, Kerry Washington has a challenge for you. The Scandal star appeared in a segment for Wednesday's episode of Good Morning America to promote her show's sixth season. She gave Michael Strahan a tour of some of the legendary sets, including the OPA offices, while revealing details about the drama's return. We already knew Washington was pregnant while filming parts of Scandal, but now, she's revealed exactly how much of it she was pregnant for. Naturally, there's a detective game that goes along with the news. "You could play a really fun game for the first five episodes... Find the Bump," Washington told Strahan of the new Scandal season. "Because we shot five episodes before I gave birth, and the rest of them are after." Washington also revealed that the show employed some classic TV-show-hiding-pregnancy techniques, like having Olivia appear behind flowers or strategically-placed items, like lamps. The star even name-checked Olivia's signature Prada purses, and GMA revealed a shot of her behind a Prada bag to hide the bump. So if you notice something a bit off about object placement in the first few episodes, it's not just you. The GMA conversation also included Strahan reciting some of Olivia Pope's most memorable lines. Check out the full interview in the video below.

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