WikiHow Wants To Apologize For Making Beyoncé, Jay Z & Obama White

A Beyoncé fan Twitter account shared a screenshot from the "how to become a congressman" WikiHow on Sunday that includes a drawing of Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Obama. But you'll notice something unusual about it: They all look white. The tweet included the photo it's based on, so you can see the stark contrast.
The site tweeted an apology on Tuesday, saying they were "disgusted and ashamed" by the "whitewashed image" and it that is has been removed, as Pitchfork reports.
Then, WikiHow explained how the mishap occurred: One person drew the outline, then another colored it in. The colorist didn't have the original photo, so they didn't know who the people in the picture were. But, WikiHow conceded, even if the picture weren't intended to depict three Black people, they shouldn't as a general practice make everyone white by default. To prevent incidents like this in the future, the organization plans to school its illustrators on diversity.

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