Here’s What’s Stopping Friday Night Lights‘ Possible Revival

We're living in the age of the revival. Maybe it's that we're turning to media for comfort during a time when little seems guaranteed. Maybe our creatives are too busy having utter meltdowns to produce anything new and great. Or maybe they just make a lot of money for a lot of people. Friday Night Lights might not be latest to join the Netflix carousel of nostalgia. At least, that's what creator and executive producer Peter Berg said on The Bill Simmons Podcast. Berg shot the story down, but not for the reason you'd think. “It’s very unlikely,” Berg told Simmons. “I can’t get anyone on the phone. They won’t return my calls.” Well, we know that at least Connie Britton is ready and willing to take part. And we know that the cast has given at least a little thought to what their characters would be doing now. The New York Post offers a list of the stars that are likely too famous to call Berg back. But we can save you a considerable amount of time and boil that list down to a single name: Michael B. Jordan. He's the only person that emerged from FNL into anything resembling movie stardom. Sure, Kyle Chandler and Taylor Kitsch have picked up work, but Chandler is mainly playing supporting roles and Kitsch hasn't conjured much mojo as a leading man. So what's the hold up? Our professional analysis is that the various actors and actresses could probably be wooed with large sums of money.

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