Alec Baldwin Will Host An Entire SNL As Donald Trump

Shortly after suspending one of their writers for a swipe at Barron Trump, SNL announced that they would be taking a more formal shot at the 10-year-old's father. Alec Baldwin, who impersonates Donald Trump on the show, will be hosting an entire episode in-character.
Trump has been less than fond of the show lately, ranting about SNL just about every chance he gets. If only he had something more important to distract him. Oh, well. This decision is a bit reminiscent of the Charlie Chaplin film The Great Dictator. Premiering in 1940, that film offered a searing and humanizing portrait of a Jewish barber elevated to the position of dictator because he looks like the current dictator. At the film's conclusion, Chaplin offers a stirring speech calling for equality among all people. It's an amazing moment.
World War II raged for five more years.

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