Here’s What An IUD Would Cost In Each State Without The ACA

Photo: Anna Sudit.
By now, it's no secret that the GOP is making major strides in repealing the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Earlier this month, Paul Ryan announced that Planned Parenthood would also suffer at the hands of the reconciliation bill that would officially repeal the act. All in all, the future of women's health is shaky, and health data center Amino just gave us a glimpse of what it might be like. In a graphic that's been going viral, Amino outlined the estimated cost of a Mirena IUD in each state if the ACA were repealed. Apart from a few exceptions, the device would cost, at the very least, a whopping $1,000, which is a drastic change from $0. Under the ACA, insurance providers are required to cover IUDs.
The costs in the graphic are determined by four different expenses. The estimated cost is made of up the device ($839), the procedure ($107), the office visit ($91), and miscellaneous ($74), totaling a national median cost of $1,111. Even if you're in Washington, D.C., the least expensive state, you should still expect to fork out $936 for the device. Those in Alaska could find themselves paying as much as $1,586, and this isn't the only facet of women's health that is facing skyrocketing costs. Amino reports that mammograms could jump to a median of $267, colonoscopies to $1,628, and tubal litigation to an astonishing $4,002. If you're worried about the future of reproductive rights, there's still time to take action. To donate to Planned Parenthood, which helps keep women's health affordable, go here.

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