Here Are Our Predictions For The 2017 SAG Awards

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If we're comparing early-in-the-year awards ceremonies to food — which, get with the program, we are — then the Golden Globes are like a buttery bowl of scandalous popcorn, the Critic's Choice Awards are like a sliver of tuna steak, and the SAG Awards are like a classic American burger, pickles optional.
The ceremony, hosted by the Screen Actor's Guild, feels at once familiar and satisfying, if only because the people at the center of this soirée are the actors. The SAG Awards focus on the most visible part of the industry: The onscreen talent. No random "Best Sound Mixing" awards to be found here. No, the focus is on the meat of the matter.
As such, the awards show often heralds the most important Academy Awards, the prestigious acting honors. Last year, when Leonardo DiCaprio claimed his SAG award for best actor in a motion picture, we knew he'd get the same decoration at the Oscars. (Sure enough, he did.) The same happened for Brie Larson, who won both the SAG award and the Academy Award for Room. So, as you prepare to watch the ceremony this Sunday, January 29th, know this: the winners at this bonanza have a 95% chance of winning an Oscar.
To boot, the event recognizes television actors — these days, they're indistinguishable from film folk, and we're grateful for that. The SAG Awards also have the unique category of "best acting by an ensemble," a heartwarming award that recognizes the collective efforts of a cast. Because, hey, it's not always about the star. (It's just mostly about the star.)
In order to help you batten down the hatches for the finale of awards season, we've provided our predictions for the 2017 SAG Awards. Because we're not always right, we've provided a few wild cards, too. Follow along this Sunday as we see where the chips fall.
And before you ask, I think that the Oscars are like a '70s-style meat-and-potatoes platter. Interpret that as you see fit.

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