These Harry Potter-Themed Bath Gels Are Seriously Magical

No matter how many years it’s been since we first cracked open our early-edition copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, our desire to live inside the walls of Hogwarts has yet to fade. (And no, we still haven’t gotten over the fact that our acceptance letters got "lost in the mail.") Naturally, we’ll take every opportunity we can get to feel like we’re actually entrenched in the Wizarding World. Magic wand-inspired makeup brushes, nail art featuring Harry and friends, Hogwarts House-themed eyeshadow palettes — yes, yes, and yes. But what if you could combine the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when reading Goblet of Fire for the ninth time, with the everyday magic of a hot bath? Well, then you'd have TeaSoapBooks to thank for that. The Etsy seller, which stocks all sorts of bath products inspired by must-read literature, recently released a lineup of five HP-themed bubble bath gels, and they’re exactly what we need to send off our mid-winter blues. (Ravenclaw blue, that is.) There’s Amortentia, which has a sparkling rose tea scent; the sweet, spicy Pumpkin Juice; Polyjuice Potion, a green tea-cucumber blend that presumably won’t turn you into Crabbe and Goyle; Elixir of Life, a subtle white tea; and Butterbeer, which is just as warm and buttery as its namesake. Each of the bubble bath gels cost $11, but you can also snag all five for $48 if you’re willing to commit. We guarantee they’ll pair perfectly with your Sorting House bath bomb. And if this news has you so excited you might just need a Calming Draught, might we suggest you explore the book soaps the shop has on offer, too?

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