Woman Live-Tweets Her #AllLadyPlane To The Women’s March & It Is Everything

Today is a pretty dark day. I mean, when your incoming president plagiarizes a comic book supervillain in his inauguration speech, it's tough not to feel like the apocalypse is at hand. Writer Ann Friedman, like so many of us, was feeling a bit bummed by today's historic transfer of power when she boarded her plane to Washington, D.C. this afternoon — en route to tomorrow's Women's March. But she quickly realized she was far from alone.
Because if you thought a bunch of political women marching in support of their inalienable human rights was inspiring, you've clearly never been part of a bunch of political woman flying through the air in a contained vessel with bonus access to alcohol in support of their inalienable human rights.
Of course, Friedman couldn't miss the opportunity to live-tweet her #AllLadyPlane experience. Even the flight attendants joined the pussy-power celebration.
Ever the conscientious tweeter, Friedman did acknowledge that her particular plane of nasty women was disappointingly white — as is, by the way, the majority of the Women's March's celebrity lineup. But the March organizers have so far done a reasonable job of addressing their own mistakes, so we hope the event itself will have a diverse turnout. Friedman hopes so, too.
Until then, at least we've now witnessed a girl-power live-tweet for the record books. Stay nasty, ladies.

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