The One Weird Thing You Never Noticed About Melania’s Hair

Photo: Robyn Beck/Getty Images.
When Melania Trump sets foot in the White House as First Lady for the very first time today, she’ll be doing so with an already well-crafted signature look. For over a decade, the former model has stayed true to a very specific aesthetic. And it’s not likely we’ll see her ditch her signature smoky eye or long, center-parted waves any time soon. As Melania’s longtime hairstylist, Mordechai Alvow, explained to Yahoo Beauty in an interview, there’s one intriguing reason the Slovenia-born former model has no intention of shaking up her style. “We wanted a consistent look that allowed the public to feel more connected to her,” Alvow said. “When you’re new to people and suddenly so much in the public eye, people are looking for a sense of stability of some sort. When your hair looks the same, it helps people feel like they know you — it helps people feel more comfortable.” But lest you think the First Lady's go-to hairstyle might start to get stale, don’t worry: Alvow has more tricks up his sleeve. “Once you’re an established public figure and people know who you are and what you stand for, then I think you can change things up more,” he said. Changing things up is always something we can get behind.

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