This 7-Year-Old’s Explanation For Surviving A Brush With Death Makes Total Sense

Seven-year-old Styles Johnson IV got hit by a car near his home in Arizona last Friday. Don't worry — this story has a happy ending. After he was knocked into his neighbor's yard, paramedics took him to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He had a concussion but made it back home in no time. How'd he pull this off? Superpowers, obviously. "My little brother was hit by a car today and he said he's lucky he's Spiderman or else he wouldn't have survived," his 20-year-old sister Cecily Gueyser tweeted. Johnson doubts that any other kid could've made it.
This theory didn't come out of the blue. Johnson's long been obsessed with Spiderman, Gueyser told Buzzfeed. "Everything is Spider-Man. ... He’s seen it, he’s read it, he has it." It's a good thing he studied up on how to travel through the air unscathed, because it looks like this ability came in handy. Marvel, for one, is thankful for that.

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