This Trending Hashtag Proves The Makeup Struggle Is Real

It’s not rare for a hashtag to explode on Twitter, where it trends for hours for the world to see. Even better, whenever one hits viral status, you know you're about to get some commentary gold. For proof, look no further than the social media platform's latest hit: #InsteadOfMoneyPayMeIn.

Among the replies are those relatable wishes we can all appreciate, like wine, mozzarella sticks, and sexual favors. (Hey, we didn't post it.) But our favorite tweets are perhaps the most fitting: If you can’t offer up the dough, pay us in beauty products. Dozens of people took to the site to post their biggest desires. Some said it simply; others gave more detail.
Truth be told, we’d take the mozzarella sticks, Pinot Noir, and lovin’ too — but if we can’t get those, please throw us an entire Sephora bag.

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