Why Bella Thorne Retweeted A Nude Photo Of Her Ex

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Bella Thorne isn't shy on Twitter. (Actually, it's doubtful the 19-year-old is shy anywhere — and good for her.) Just yesterday, she reached for the popular social media platform to support her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Posey, declaring, "All I have left to say is Tyler is an angel." Sweet. Today, the Famous in Love star has an entirely different kind of support to offer another ex-boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin. After a series of nude photos allegedly of Sulkin leaked, Thorne clarified that they are not, in fact, of her ex. "Haha, I'm telling you this isn't greggs dick," Throne wrote on Twitter with her usual candor. Along with her words of defense, though, the social media darling retweeted the nude photos themselves, thereby disseminating the images throughout Twitter. Thorne's followers can't decide if the move was a kind gesture (as in, "No, these photos aren't of Gregg Sulkin") or a bitter invective from an ex (as in, "No, there's no way the attractive man photographed is, in fact, my ex.") At face value, it seems the actress is defending her former flame. The tone of the tweet, however, implies that Thorne might actually be mocking Sulkin, 24. "She was defending her ex. they're saying his personal pics were leaked. She did a good deed. Don't be bitter," writes one indignant follower. Others are encouraging Thorne to delete the tweet. Because, well-meaning gesture or not, there's still a graphic image sitting pretty on Thorne's Twitter feed, which has 6.5 million followers. Thorne is known for her brassy internet presence — earlier this week, she noted, "Your stool says so much about you...." — but this particular retweet ventures into obscene territory. Sharing nude photos leaked without the subject's consent only perpetuates their circulation online. One would think that Bella Thorne, as a young, high-profile actress, would be particularly sensitive to the breaches in privacy that celebrities face. Read These Stories Next:
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