Bella Thorne Offers Brief Lesson On How To Be A Good Ex

There are two general schools of thought about how to behave post-breakup. The first is the scorched earth strategy. Your ex is in the past, you want nothing to do with them, and they might even be a bad person. This is the favored strategy of people that are convinced of their own righteousness and moral certainty. Hell, sometimes it's the correct way to go about things. The second is: You loved each other once, maybe you can get back to liking each other. Sometimes things don't work out because of timing, or distance, or there was just a bad romantic match. Traditionally, this has been my view of things. Bella Thorne seems fully ensconced in the latter camp.
Now, it's still possible to hold the view that things should publicly be ok and talk trash about your ex in the privacy of one-on-one conversation. After all, what are friends for other than fielding your weirdest complaints? But talking out of school excessively about an ex only serves to make the talker look bad. Thorne is currently in the midst of a normal 19-year-old life: Dating a lot of different people until she figures out what works. Of course, us citizens have the luxury of leading that life without 6.54 million Twitter followers. So good for her to take the more graceful route out of a relationship.

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