“Beer Yoga” Looks Even Weirder Than It Sounds

Photo: Courtesy of BierYoga
Beer, like coffee or red wine, is one of those not-necessarily nutritious beverages that just keeps sneaking up on us with its stealth health benefits. Studies show that beer can improve your brain function, strengthen your bones, and even aid in exercise recovery. But if you just can't wait to hit the bar post-workout, never fear: Beer yoga is here. Mashable reports that the practice hails originally from Germany (of course) and is now soaring to popularity in Australia (of course). But don't let those lighthearted drinking cultures fool you: The BierYoga company takes itself surprisingly seriously. According to the brand's founder, Jhula, "BeerYoga is fun but it's no joke." Really? Are you sure? It's not even a little bit a joke? Oh well. I'll just be over here looking at this photo of BierYogis doing some serious-faced lager-sipping while in garudasana and I will not be laughing at all. It's worth noting that, health-wise, you'd be better off saving the pint for the pub instead of polishing it off in pigeon pose. Because although it's no replacement for water, drinking alcohol after a workout likely won't do you any harm. But holding an eagle pose is difficult enough while sober — and without, you know, trying to balance a dangerously precarious glass beer bottle at the same time. Health hazards aside, it's clear that beer yoga has arrived, and only the trend gods can foresee how long it will stay. And hey, if the beer bros at yoga ever start to overwhelm you, weed yoga is probably even more chill.

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