Weed Yoga Will Enlighten You In A Whole New Way

If you've ever been in a workout class that you thought could be benefit from just a little more chill, we have good news for you. Ganja Yoga, a class in San Francisco, gives you the chance to light up during a workout, expanding your mind and body. The class is run by Dee Dussault, who has been practicing yoga for 22 years, who claims to help people "find their bliss through relaxation, mindfulness, and sensuality."

Move often. Move well. If you don't know how, find a teacher that does. #biomechanics #alignment

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Ganja Yoga isn't just about "mixing cannabis and exercise," Dussault writes on her website. "It is a ceremony that makes conscious relaxation an intentional ritual...a lifestyle to help you create a more stress-free world." (Though if you ask us, mixing cannabis and exercise is cool enough on its own, too.) Ganja Yoga costs $25 per class and includes "sun grown organic flower, C02 vape pens or paleo edibles," or weed-laced biscuits. Though you don't have to use cannabis during the class, it is kind of the whole point. "Ganja Yoga is about experiencing something beautiful and trippy and cool inside yourself," the site reads. If you can't quite make it to San Francisco for an in-person class, don't worry — Dussault also has a Ganja Yoga book coming out in April.
This month we’re celebrating High January by leaving our stoner stereotypes behind. Instead, we’ll take long-time smokers and total newbies through all the various complexities of the current cannabis world. It’s 2017 and we’re ready to blaze a new trail.
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