Kerry Washington Literally Couldn't Stop Drooling On Ellen

Photo: REX/Shutterstock.
Just when we thought we couldn't love Kerry Washington more, she goes and drools all over the place.

Washington appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, and she joined the host for a round of "Speak Out." The game included Washington putting a giant, mouth-stretching piece of plastic in her mouth and having DeGeneres attempt to decipher the phrases she was reading.

Aside from garbling Washington's speech, the mouthpiece presented another issue, too. It made her drool on herself, to the point where DeGeneres had to pass her a tissue.

The game is absurdly silly, in every aspect. (Imagine having to say the phrase "contemplating my belly button" in a sexy way — all while not being able to move your mouth.) Eventually, DeGeneres needed a tissue, too — to wipe her eyes after crying with laughter at Washington's attempts to pronounce the given phrases.

The clip was surprisingly endearing and sweet, if not completely ridiculous. And for those of us used to seeing Washington as the fast-talking Olivia Pope on Scandal, it was a welcome (and hilarious!) change. Check out the "Speak Out" game in the clip below.

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