The Best & The Brightest Reactions To The Bachelor Last Night

Last night's episode of The Bachelor saw a few routine occurrences (a date featuring athletic prowess, a lot of red crop tops) and a few not-so-regular events (flying in a zero-gravity plane, the mention of "cheese pasta," etc.). And the world watched with interest. This is hyperbole — the entire world does not watch The Bachelor. However, all of Bachelor Nation watches the show and, lucky for us, keeps a running commentary on Twitter. The Nation includes but is not limited to former contestants, former winners, superfans, podcast hosts, and various celebrities who aren't ashamed to admit they watch the show.

Ahead, you'll find the folks who had the funniest reactions to last night's antics. This week, as with last week, many focused on the peculiar movements of our villain Corinne. (Or, as Corinne herself says on Instagram, "Corn.") On the positive side of things, many were enthused with Viall's one-on-one date with Vanessa, the Montreal native. Still others loved Alexis, the former dolphin-shark, who gave us this perfect line: "Move, bitches."

The Bachelor is an entertaining show. But the reactions are even more enthralling.

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