These Oscar Hopefuls Are Karaoke Goals

Courtesy of W Magazine
At some point or another, we’ve all dreamed about performing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” at karaoke, amirite? Maybe we’ve even tried it, er, just before last call after a few too many drinks. But were we ever as successful as this crew? W magazine invited a group of Oscar hopefuls to sing this 1979 classic hit, Entertainment Weekly reports, and it's a must-watch. The almighty roster includes Taraji P. Henson, Natalie Portman, Dev Patel, Matthew McConaughey, and Amy Adams, to name just a few. W reports that the performance is part of the magazine’s “Best Performances” portfolio, and that it’s a remedy of sorts for members of Hollywood still grieving from the election results. (Get it? I will survive…) In the performance, Portman, in a raspy, dramatic voice, speaks her lyrics rather than sings them. Dakota Fanning has a cute, smiley cameo in which she utters a few lyrics. And Emma Stone, perhaps still in musical-mode fresh off of La La Land, gets super into it, muttering under her breath enthusiastically, “You have to march!” (and then marching!). Henson floors it with her performance — she really brings it — and then brings it home as she gets to sing the last lyrics. The video then fades out to someone yelling in the background, “That was amazing” with loads of enthusiasm. We’re pretty much doing the same in our bedrooms as we watch. You can check out the whole thing here:

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