Niecy Nash Had The Perfect Answer When A Man Asked Her Why Women Get Nail Art

Photo: Matthias Clamer/FOX.
When we heard that TNT was picking up Claws, a Rashida Jones-produced show centered around a Florida nail salon and starring Niecy Nash, we doubled down on our nail art Pinterest boards. After all, we have to get ours looking their best in preparation for the show's big premiere. During the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Nash and the rest of the cast (Karrueche Tran and Carrie Preston included) were fielding questions about the show when a critic asked, "But why do nail art, if men don’t like it?" Nash didn't hold anything back in her response: "Who cares what men think? We want to do what we want to do."
Many people saw the question as reductive, but there's no denying that Nash's response is a powerful one, especially since now more than ever, women are becoming advocates for their bodies and their choices. After hearing Nash's response to the critic, Twitter users used the hashtag #claws to share why they got nail art, regardless of what men and other people think of it.
There's no release date for Claws just yet, but with Nash's message of female empowerment ringing loud and clear, there's sure to be plenty to keep our eyes on until then.