See Minnie Mouse Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

There's nothing quite as sweet as when Disney nostalgia sneaks its way in to our adulthood interests, and this latest creative venture is no exception. In honor of the company's annual Minnie Mouse style focused initiative, #RockTheDots, Minnie is painting the town red for fine art photographer Gray Malin's first foray into video, which stars the dress of Hollywood's ultimate leading lady, as well as a quick cameo from the mouse herself. Malin, who is best known for his aerial beach compositions that mix minimalism and vibrant colors, told Refinery29 that the 22 second Leading Lady clip "was really an authentic and organic collaboration." To me, Minnie's always embodied a little bit of Hollywood glamour," he added. "The more I started to look at the project from above, the more I started to realized that when you're out on that carpet from the ground level, you're instantly recognizable, but from above you're sort of anonymous and anyone can be a star. It's a whole new visual perspective where anyone on that red carpet, if you just change your perspective, then you as well can be the star, you can shine." The film showcases a flurry of black-tie dressed dancers on a bright red carpet using white parasols as polka dots to represent Minnie's signature look. Longtime friend of Gray Malin and the video's choreographer, Mary John Frank, shared that "Busby Berkeley and synchronized swimming inspired the choreography. I also watched some of the original black and white Minnie Mouse cartoons and listened to swing music and other Disney soundtracks to get in the spirit." The scene, accompanied by an original song infused with Disney magic and big band jazz, is the quintessential ode to Minnie's timeless character. And while the video itself (which you can catch below) is fun, the limited-edition prints you can buy on Gray Malin's site are even better. Here's to infusing your life with a hearty dose of Disney, regardless of how old you may be.

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