Michael Keaton Offers Full Apology For “Hidden Fences” Gaffe

Michael Keaton has finally owned up for his "Hidden Fences" flub. The 65-year-old actor found himself in hot water first when he accidentally mashed up the names of Hidden Figures and Fences during the Golden Globes, and again when Gabrielle Union blasted his non-apology. Our Sesali Bowen was rightly upset that Keaton didn't really seem to give much of a damn. Of course, his non-apology was issued during a 15 second interaction with a random TMZ cameraman while Keaton was exiting a restaurant. Jenna Bush-Hager set the gold standard for "Hidden Fences" apologia when she cried on-air and asked for forgiveness. Keaton is from a different era, and he fucked up. Now he's back, and he's contrite. "I sure am sorry for making a mistake and misreading, and therefore upsetting people," Keaton told the Associated Press. "I understand that there's a strong reaction to the mistake that I made. I feel badly for the people who were involved in the movie...I, like a jerk, screwed up the title of the film...I messed up their shot at recognition because I didn't read it correctly. That really hurts me."

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