Riley Curry Just Proved She Is The CUTEST Baby Baker, Ever

Riley curry, daughter of NBA player Steph Curry and cookbook author Ayesha Curry, is not even five-years-old yet and she's already shown a lot of potential for a few different future careers. She could be a comedian because she always manages to make us laugh. Or, a professional dancer, as evidenced by that famous video of her doing the Whip & Nae Nae — I could watch that video on a constant loop for the rest of my life, I love it so much. It turns out, our girl could also one day follow in her mom's footsteps and become a celebrity cook. When you scroll through Ayesha Curry's Instagram — which you obviously do every day because she is a goddess — Riley seems to have already put in plenty of work toward a career as a chef. And, last night, this baby baker made a truly tasty-looking pink cake. Mom, Ayesha, posted a photo of Riley posing with her creation and explained in the caption that her four-year-old had done most of the work on this masterpiece. According to the post, the mother-daughter duo used an organic vanilla cake mix from Foodstir and frosted with a mix of cream cheese and raspberry icing. YUM! We're guessing the organic, GMO-free mix was Ayesha's idea, but those raspberries on top were all Riley's doing. The post made us wish we could take a bite and that one day Riley Curry will have a cooking show, maybe with Luna Legend? Now that would be entertaining television.

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