Does Masturbation Actually Boost Productivity?

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
If you work at a desk job — and even if you don't — you probably know how important it is to take a break every once in a while. In fact, taking a break can help improve your productivity. Of course, what you do on said breaks is your business, but in case you were wondering, masturbating might not be a bad idea. On Tuesday, U.K.-based newspaper the Metro asked a few experts whether or not masturbation breaks are good for workplace productivity. Overall? The experts agreed that on a psychological level, it has some benefits. Mark Sergeant, a senior lecturer in psychology at Nottingham Trent University, told Metro that a masturbation break would be "very effective at work," as well as a "great way to relieve tension and stress." Cliff Arnall, psychologist and life coach, took it a step further, telling Metro that "masturbation policies" would result in more focus, less aggression, more productivity, and even "more smiling." To be sure, masturbation has its physical and mental benefits — it releases endorphins, which ease stress, reduce pain, and even improve overall sexual satisfaction. All of those things, you'd likely agree, are good for you — or at the very least, wouldn't hurt for your overall productivity. However, Arnall also pointed out that masturbating on a work break could lead to frustration if you can't climax in the allotted time you have and you may feel pressured to be back to your desk by a certain time. While we might be a long way from designated workplace masturbation policies, we can't deny the benefits of some solo time.

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