Mel B Suggests Mariah Carey “Doesn’t Have That Voice Anymore”

Photo: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock.
Much has been said about Mariah Carey's disastrous New Year's Eve performance; even Jenny McCarthy has weighed in about what went wrong that fateful night. Now, Mel B, too, has waded into the conversation. In an appearance on The Real on Tuesday, the former Spice Girl said that she "was in complete shock" while watching Carey's performance. "Maybe she doesn't have that voice anymore," Mel B said of Carey. "I think she was having, probably, a rough day vocally, and didn't even want to attempt that when it actually came to singing live. Because some of the track was pre-recorded, all the high notes, and some of it was just left blank for her to sing live." (Mel B did still note that Carey is an "amazing" performer.) It's not clear yet whether Carey's response to Mel B will be that she doesn't know her. But after everything Carey went through with the show — the singer has said that "technical issues" interfered with the performance — do we really need stars criticizing each other? Performing live isn't easy. And performing in front of a huge crowd in the cold in Times Square is something most of us could never do. Mistakes happen, and we might never know exactly what went wrong with Carey's earpiece. Maybe we should all just take a page from Carey's book and move on.

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