This Woman Had The Best Response To Being Asked To Send Nudes

Venturing into the world of online dating as a woman can sometimes be perilous, and for some reason, often begets requests for nude photos. In fact, "send nudes" has become such a fabric of our online lives that many women have already adapted by getting creative as hell. Imgur user leonaloir recently encountered "some asshole online fuckboy" who kept bugging her for nude photos, as many a woman has during her online presence. Apparently, Alex wanted to see photos of her breasts, thighs, and "any pic you have." So she responded with photos — just not with the photos Alex might have been expecting.
To be fair, he did get breast, thigh, and leg photos. But the escalation might have proved to be too much for poor Alex, because he seems to have stopped replying, even after leonaloir asks, "AM I JUICY ENOUGH FOR YOU?" We have to give this Imgur user credit for not only having a genius way of responding to a request for nudes, but also for sharing her creative methods with all of us. Women should never feel pressured to or obligated to send nudes unless they want to, and this tongue-in-cheek response couldn't be more perfect.

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