This Might Be The Most Epic Kiss Cam Moment We’ve Ever Seen

We've seen a lot of priceless kiss cam kisses in our time. There was that precious moment between David Beckham and his baby daughter, the President and First Lady exchanging a smooch on the cam, and the NHL's first same-sex kiss cam couple. These are all very sweet, but if you're single or not a fan of PDA, they could leave you feeling lonely, uncomfortable, and/or grossed out. This might be exactly why the internet is totally obsessed with a fairly unconventional kiss cam video that's recently been circulating on Reddit. Take a look.
According to Uproxx, this epic kiss cam moment took place at the World Junior Championship hockey game in Slovenia. The subject's struggle to choose between his beer and who we assume is his date is hilarious, but it turns out he's not the first person to pull this gag. When we discovered this video on Reddit, we did some searching and found that many sports goers opt out of the kissing and go straight for their beers. Apparently, a lot of people prefer beer to their date, which if you've ever been on a bad date or have simply had a cold beer on a hot day, is totally understandable.

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