David Beckham Caught On Kiss Cam Melting Hearts

Ah, the awkward joys of the game-day Kiss Cam. It's that special time during a sporting event where Big Brother trolls the spectators and forces them to kiss one another. Sometimes, the results create fireworks. Sometimes, the results are a wee-bit cringe-worthy. And, every once in a while, they're aww-inspiring (not to be confused with awe-inspiring, a sentiment of awe that is impressive and formidable).
Case in point: David Beckham and his daughter, Harper. The two were spotted by the lens while attending game seven of the NHL Western Conference semifinals between the L.A. Kings and San Jose Sharks. Sure, the video is a year old, but it's making its rounds across the Internet and, well, it's too good to not share.
After about a minute or so of watching random faces in the crowd go through the various stages of Kiss Cam (obliviousness, shock, confusion, embarrassment, and compliance), Beckham's mug appeared in the heart. Harper, a gal who apparently knows when the camera is on her, stopped her lil' dance to cheese for the audience while daddy Beckham planted one on her. Aww! The crowd (presumably) went wild and hearts across America melted. Now, the bar for the best Kiss Cam moment has been raised tenfold. Thanks, Becks. (Elle UK)

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