The Crazy Way Kylie Jenner Helps New Artists Get Their Songs Heard

Photo: Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock
It's no secret that Kylie Jenner is the ultimate trendsetter. Just count how many times her famous lip kits have sold out. However, the 19-year-old isn't merely influencing the beauty world: According to a new study from Genius, she holds sway over our musical tastes as well. The idea that Jenner has as much influence over a song's popularity as radio airplay might sound insane, but Genius has the receipts. It all comes down to the reality star's Snapchat stories. It seems that people really wants to know what songs Jenner is lip syncing to in her many videos, which leads to exposure for the often up-and-coming artists. Genius found that when Jenner played a song in the background of her Snap story, the track got a significant bump in their Genius lyric searches — sometimes as much as a 194,200% increase, in the case of Ramriddlz's "Hey Mr. RamRod." Genius calls the phenomenon "The Kylie Bump," and it makes perfect sense. Jenner is a social media superstar, with over 83 million Instagram followers to date. (While we don't know the younger Jenner's numbers on Snapchat, all evidence points to them being fantastic.) Perhaps the weirdest part of the Kylie Bump is that, in this case, she's not trying to promote anything. Follow Jenner on Instagram and you'll see that she's paid for her promotions of vitamins, jewelry, even teeth-whitening kits. These Snap stories, on the other hand? That's just Kylie being Kylie. If her videos help launch the career of music newbies, well, that's just another perk of being a Jenner.

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