A Pickles ONLY Restaurant Is Coming & We Have Feelings

Photo: Getty Images.
Love them or hate them, pickles are a hot topic. This snack has run the gamut all the way from classic burger topping to gourmet fried side. They've even shockingly ventured into the unchartered novelty territories of canned drinks and candy canes. And we kind of get it. They're infamous precisely because of their highly specific and polarizing taste; they can be salty, sweet, or sour (all at once and not exactly in that order). Therefore, this most recent pickle news may come as a shock or a welcomed surprise to you (we haven't yet decided): According to Eater, an eatery entirely dedicated to pickles is coming. Cue the feelings.
NYC's The Pickle Guys, previously a kosher shop-only in the Lower East side, will be branching out into the vast restaurant scene centered on a very specific cuisine (ahem, pickles). The name of this new dining destination is still TBD, but pickle-patrons can expect to see a variety of fried green-sphere options on the menu along with sliders and sandwiches (also all of the pickle variety — sensing a theme?) This spot will be located on 357 Grand Street in Manhattan, but won't be officially opening until later this Spring — so we have a few more months to let this news marinate (or, pickle?)

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