Crack Open A Cold Can Of Pickle Juice

In my experience, as a true pickle devotee, people either love or hate them. I’ve yet to meet someone with lukewarm feelings on the subject. I can recall being a youngster, fishing my hand into the nearly empty jar for that last crunchy spear and then keeping the juice after the fact. Yes, I would drink it. And in an isolated incident, I once poured it over spaghetti as a fine "pickle-brodo." For all the diehard pickle fanatics out there, there's a new, revolutionary product on the market. The masterminds behind Gordy’s Pickle Jar have crafted canned pickle juice: Gordy's Fine Brine ($16.00 for a 4-pack).
You can crack open a cold can of pickle juice to sip on (or use them for pickle-back shots), use it for brining summer cookout staples, or simply just pour it atop a plate of pasta. There are no pickle juice judgements here! (h/t Tasting Table)

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