Pickle-Flavored Candy Canes Are Here To Ruin Your Holidays

I am a huge fan of pickles. They act as a great palette cleanser after a big meal and add a much-needed salty, vinegary element on your appetizer spread. In the right context, I welcome this green, crunchy snack, but I just can't get on board with the newest place pickle-flavoring has appeared. Amazon is selling "fancy" pickle flavored candy canes, which if you're a holiday candy purist, probably seems like sacrilege.
The product's description insists that these candy canes are a great gift alternative for "someone who isn't that into sweets." Here, I have two questions. First, what kind of person doesn't like sweets? (Sorry for the judgment, but that's just hard for me to understand.) And second, if you don't like sweets, why not just eat a pickle instead of pickle-flavored candy? Why must we combine two great things to make one weird one? If I hated candy, I'd rather someone just gift me a jar of pickles. As strange as that is, its a lot less strange than this product.
The company that makes these pickle treats, Archie McPhee, also sells gravy, bacon, and wasabi candy canes on Amazon. Yikes, if I reached for a spearmint candy cane and end up with a mouth full of wasabi, I would not be happy. But I suppose it's important to have options for those who are different from us. Amazon definitely has that covered. Thanks?

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