Noree Victoria Shares What Happened On That Southwest Flight

In 2017, The People v. O.J. Simpson star Noree Victoria and her family were removed from a Southwest Airline flight, per a series of tweets from the actor. Victoria was traveling with her family through Orlando International Airport on their way to Jamaica when, according to Victoria, Southwest personnel entered the flight and asked them to leave.
In an email to Refinery29, Victoria explained the complex situation:
"Several people in my party were in wheelchairs, elder family members. We were all happy, excited to be going to Jamaica. It was my 77-year-old father's first trip out of the country. He has trouble walking. When we approached the gate, the gate crew placed us to the side and refused to check us in in the order which we had arrived. We did not know why. They finally did, after everyone else, even though the physically disabled typically board first. There was no explanation given for us being held back, and we didn't want to question it, as there were so many sensitive airport security issues in the news at the time."
The problems didn't end once Victoria's party boarded the plane:
"There was a 40-minute delay once we did board. Without explanation, security teams and doctors boarded the aircraft to say that we must get off for 'health reasons.' We later found out that one of the gate crew called the captain and said there's a 'sick family boarding,' and they think we should not fly with them. They would provide no further details. It was so embarrassing and humiliating, and the only statement from the airline was that the captain has the right to delay passengers he feels look unwell. This is without any doctor's examination or input. Simply, an opinion requiring no explanation. We missed our first night at the resort and lost money. It is still hurtful to write about."
At the time of the incident, Southwest did not respond to a request for comment.

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