How That Epic Golden Globes Opening Number Came Together

Photo: Chris Haston/NBC.
The Golden Globes opening number was nothing short of spectacular. Celebrities from Evan Rachel Wood to Nicole Kidman came together for five minutes of La La Land-inspired singing and dancing. This happened thanks to a choreographer named Mandy Moore, not to be confused with the actress, who was responsible for La La Lands's dance routines. She spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about how it all went down. Over the course of three days, the celebrities would come to Universal for half-hour shoots, Moore explained. "We basically shot it in little vignettes, whenever the celebrities were available." 27 La La Land dancers also made an appearance in costumes based on the movies highlighted at the ceremony.

The Tonight Show’s
Dan Opsal wrote and directed the number, and La La Land's steadicam operator Ari Robbins shot it. John Travolta's tap dance was a highlight for Moore. “He was so lovely and immediately knew we wanted him to do the most iconic dance move ever known to mankind," she said. We also got to see the Stranger Things kids rap. Millie Bobby Brown "felt the pressure with that rap; it’s a lot of work," said Moore. "But everyone was so hyped and screaming behind the monitor. That was the first one we shot, and it set the tone for the entire thing."

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