We Had No Idea These iPhone Tricks Existed

Photo: Rockie Nolan
Today marks the ten year anniversary of the iPhone. It's come a long way since it was first released into the world, but no matter how long we use them, we'll never stop discovering tips and tricks we never knew existed. In honor of this very special birthday, we went looking for the weirdest, most obscure iPhone tricks, and they totally blew our minds thanks to one particularly helpful Reddit thread. "This is a very basic tip but it saves me time." writes one user. "Tapping '123' then tapping the character you want then finally clicking back to the main keyboard can be a hassle. Instead hold down "123", slide thumb to character you want to use then let go. The character will be inputted and your keyboard will be back to normal." That gets rid of a ton of hassle. There are also a bunch of quick tips, like "tap chunk of text w/ 2 fingers to highlight the whole thing" and "change the direction of the panoramic photo by tapping the line." Another tip you maybe didn't think of is to add a shortcut for your email address so you don't have to type the whole thing out every time you're filling in a form. Finally, if you want more security, consider using a PIN number that's more than four digits. "By turning off 'Simple Password' and choosing only numbers instead and NO letters. You will get a number keypad to unlock the phone instead of a full keyboard. And you can use as many numbers as you would like and you you have to press OK to enter it." Already, it's like we have a whole new phone. You can check out more little-known tricks over here.

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