New Evidence May Suggest Kim Kardashian’s Robbery Was An Inside Job

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
Three months later, and we finally know more about the details of Kim Kardashian's robbery. On January 9, news outlets started reporting that 17 suspects had been taken into custody for questioning relating to the jewelry heist and attack on Kardashian. The ages of the suspects varied from 23 - 73, and apparently included both men and women. Now, a French newspaper, Le Monde, is also reporting that one of the people taken in looks to have worked at the same limo service that the reality star used while in Paris. The limo service employees were the last of her entourage to see her before she entered her home the evening of the burglary. Coincidence? I think not. If this is true, that could mean this was an inside job.

writes that most of the alleged robbers have criminal pasts, calling them "seasoned criminals," based on Le Monde's reports. One of the older suspects, who is being identified as "Pierre B.," is apparently a known counterfeiter and had an entire trailer seized from his villa property nearby in France as evidence. The 72-year-old is also being considered the organizational leader of the coordinated crime. Yes, this sounds like the plot of a new crime thriller, but it's just another piece of the whodunnit puzzle.

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