JoJo Fletcher Is Trying To Launch A House Flipping Business, & It's Surprisingly Dangerous

Anyone who has spent a cold Sunday afternoon binging on any one of the myriad of house flipping shows out there know living the flipping life is no joke, and there are unexpected surprises at every turn. Which The Bachelorette's JoJo Fletcher just found out the hard way, per a series of scary Snapchats.
The Dallas, Texas-based reality star was apparently looking for a house to flip – meaning to buy cheap, renovate and sell at a profit – and came across more than she probably expected when taking a tour of a home. A gun.
Photo: Snapchat
JoJo shared an image on Snapchat with the caption, "Ummm went to go look at a potential flip home and this is what I see when I walk in...#terrifying." The gun is lying on the back of a black couch next to a paper bag, next to a cowboy hat. The cowboy hat is not scary.
It gets even scarier, though, when you see her next Snap.
Photo: Snapchat
It shows a street with a police car parked and she wrote, "Update: apparently it was a drug dealers house sooooo ya. #nexthouseplease"
We're not sure if her fiancé, former pro-football play Jordan Rodgers (brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback and Olivia Munn's boyfriend Aaron Rodgers) was with JoJo at the time. Before she was fully immersed in the Bachelor/Bachelorette world of making a living by doing appearances and promoting products on Instagram, she was a real estate developer in her hometown of Dallas. It seems like JoJo's getting back to her old gig, and here's hoping the worst problem she faces at the next house is a leaky faucet.

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