People Think Emma Watson’s Beauty & The Beast Doll Looks Like Justin Bieber

In the famous opening sequence for Disney's animated classic Beauty & The Beast, the leading lady's French village proclaims that Belle is "so peculiar." It looks like whoever was in charge of creating the tsunami of toys and merchandise to accompany the March release of the film focused on that particular aspect of Belle, because, as Twitter users pointed out, there's something not quite right about the Belle doll that's already on store shelves.
BuzzFeed reported that many shoppers are comparing the Belle doll, which is supposed to look like Emma Watson, to Justin Bieber. While we have to give props to the team for recreating that iconic yellow dress, it looks like the designers may have gone awry while recreating Watson's features. The actor's freckles are accounted for, though they're far from realistic. The doll's forehead and cheekbones look way more like the "Sorry" singer than any reference photo of Watson. It's tough to match an actor's appearance 100%, unless, it seems, the goal is to recreate Justin Bieber. Naturally, the internet took the doll to task. Not only did commenters pile on the Bieber jokes, but they also added that the toy resembles some other movie characters, like Lord Farquaad from Shrek.
Or perhaps it's a case of espionage, as this Twitter user pointed out?
Whether you see it as a merchandise mishap or the chance to snag a once-in-a-lifetime Bieber-in-a-ballgown doll, it probably won't keep people from flocking to theaters. Plus, we know Watson will remain unfazed — she's got plenty keeping her busy this year.

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