Wale & Tomi Lahren Bring Devastating Insults To Rap Feud

Imagine the humiliation of getting bodied by Wale on a diss track in this, TYOOL, 2017. Notorious racist Tomi Lahren faced just such a fate when the Washington, D.C. rapper dropped "Smile" on his SoundCloud yesterday.

"Maybe I should meet Tami Lauren, I'll Lauryn Hill her," he raps. "Train her; she miseducated anyway. Prolly hate the color of my face."

Not exactly "Ether," but we have to remember that Lahren is the type of person that considers going on The Daily Show daring. Now, as one does, Lahren took to Twitter to correct Wale about the spelling of her name.
Oh, shots fired!

Wale had to respond.
My god. Then Tomi had her turn on the mic.
Don't hurt 'em. Meanwhile, a cottage meme popped up of calling Tomi various names different than her own.
Here's the song, it's fine.

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