Trevor Noah Didn’t Let Tomi Lahren Off Easy In The Best Way

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Trevor Noah just conducted one of his most impressive interviews to date, with one of his most controversial guests. Tomi Lahren, a video host on Glenn Beck's website The Blaze, stopped by the Daily Show for a conversation that spanned from the Black Lives Matter movement to illegal immigration, and the resulting interview is a must-watch for anyone seeking out reason. Those unaware of the 24-year-old likely haven't logged into Facebook in a while. Her controversial viewpoints, which include likening the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK and criticizing NFL player Colin Kaepernick for sitting during the National Anthem, have gotten her millions of hits on YouTube. Yet these hits are from "hate watchers" just as much as they are from her supporters. For every person who champions her bashing of Hillary Clinton and blanket patriotism, there's another who sees her views as misinformed at best, and racist at worst. (For the record, she asserts that she's not racist because she "[doesn't] trust [Obama's] white half or his black half.”) Essentially, you either love the unapologetically brash and "no BS" Lahren's videos, or you loathe them. It's pretty clear that Noah falls into the latter camp, though his interview style is so calm and collected that Lahren and Noah are actually able to have a real conversation. Lahren's brand is "angry." She's pissed off, whether it be at Obamacare, the Clintons, or acts she sees as against the "American" tradition. Yet in Noah's interview, she is able to formulate her opinions without that same fiery anger that so many of her Facebook fans adore. That's not a credit to Lahren as much as it's a credit to Noah, who, despite Lahren's assertions, tries his best to come to a bridge of understanding. Does he succeed? Unfortunately, Lahren's views don't become any more reasonable simply because she is finally speaking to them in a calm, clear voice. When asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, Lahren stated that while she believed the movement came from a good place, she is vehemently against any movement that condones rioting or looting. After all, says Lahren in what she clearly thinks is a truth bomb, "What did the KKK do?" Noah claps back, stating that individuals who riot are not forwarding a movement's purpose — and that it's not about what the KKK did, as much as what they do today, as an active hate group. (While we're comparing people to the KKK, like Lahren, the hate group also supports Donald Trump.) While the conservative commenter did state that she supports Kaepernick's First Amendment rights, she argued that disrespecting the National Anthem, a symbol of patriotism, was wrong — and that she was exercising her First Amendment rights by criticizing him for doing so. Noah, however, asked how Lahren could believe this, and then tell the football player to "shut up" on her show for stating his own opinion. When Noah asked how Lahren hoped Black people would protest without being called a crybaby or a rioter, Lahren had no real answer. Noah did something that few Facebook commenters can achieve: he dissected Lahren's arguments without belittling her or her views, even though it's clear he finds them about as valid as the world being flat. Lahren, to her credit, also had respect for Noah while on his show. The two shared supportive tweets after the interview was over:
Check out the full interview below:

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