People Are Losing It Over This Video Of A Pregnant Woman Doing Pull-Ups

If you made a resolution to work out more in 2017 and are already in need of some major motivation, you're not alone — we are so with you. Fitness coach Sara Wiss, however, is probably not one of us. On Monday, the Stockholm-based Nike Run Club coach posted a video of herself to her Instagram page, wherein she does some seriously immaculate pull-ups — while 41 weeks pregnant.
In case you needed further proof that pregnant women are badasses, here it is. Since Wiss posted the video to her Instagram, it has understandably gone viral and gotten picked up by Fit Moms Of Instagram, who reposted the video to their own page on Tuesday. Of course, her viral fame didn't come without some naysayers. Commenters on Wiss' page and on Fit Moms Of Instagram alike have chimed in expressing their concern that it's unsafe to be working out while pregnant. "This is not smart.. risking your pregnancy and your body's health," one commenter wrote on the Fit Moms Of Instagram page's repost. Of course, whether or not it's safe to exercise during pregnancy can depend entirely on the mother as well as her current stage of pregnancy. Various studies have found that exercise can be beneficial during pregnancy, though what's safe for one person may not be safe for another, and vice versa. When in doubt, check with your doctor. For now, we'll just sit back in awe of Wiss' badass moves.

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