Watch This Pregnant Woman Pole-Dance Her Way Through Labor

If you've ever gone through labor (or pictured what going through labor might be like), it probably involved a lot of screaming, crying, and time spent lying down or doubled over.

Kat Bailey, however, seemed completely unfazed when her water broke — and was even up for a little light pole-dancing in between contractions. In a video shared to her Facebook page on Sunday, she can be seen lifting herself off the ground with the pole, doing a split, and holding herself horizontally in the air.

"So I'm officially in labor. Got a few hours before we go to the hospital, so thought I'd do some pole [dancing] between contractions," Bailey wrote in the post. "I thought I would do some pole [dancing], just to show that I still can," she adds in the video.

Bailey, a former psychology professor at Nottingham Trent University, is the owner of PoleKat Fitness, where she teaches pole-based fitness classes. Given that she also performed an entire pole-dancing routine while nearly eight months pregnant (a time when many women probably don't feel at their physical peak), it's not surprising that going into labor didn't stop her from having another whirl.

"Pole-dancing with a baby inside of you is a lot heavier and difficult, and we had to adapt the routine for health and safety reasons," she told local paper The Nottingham Post at the time. Bailey also previously told the Post that she checked with her doctor to make sure it was safe to continue exercising while pregnant.

"Our doctors were very supportive. If you've done something for a while before you were pregnant, then keep on doing it," she said. "It's not a great idea to take up a dangerous hobby when you become pregnant, but in general, they do encourage exercise when you're expecting."

At the time of writing, Bailey's video has gone viral with over 29,000 views. Though she hasn't posted any updates about the baby's arrival, as one Facebook user commented, "all my love and prayers for a safe delivery...expect to see baby Bailey up a pole next week if you're anything to go by!"

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