Crossfit While Pregnant? This Woman Did It — & It’s Amazing

Is it just me, or do people tend to think of pregnant women as incredibly fragile, walking time-bombs of danger that must be approached with extreme caution? Yes, pregnancies are complex and often risky, and there's a long list of things that can go very, very wrong. But, most experts agree that nothing needs to be off-limits during pregnancy — as long as you get a doctor's sign-off.
The clip above is of Meghan Leatherman (the woman behind the popular blog dead-lifting 215 pounds. In the video, she also happens to be 39 weeks pregnant. Fragile? Not so much.
Before getting pregnant, Leatherman and her husband had been doing Crossfit for a couple of years. As she points out in an interview with CNN, she checked with her doctor to make sure there were no health risks associated with continuing her training during pregnancy. When she got the go-ahead, Meghan started a blog as a platform to share her experiences with other female Crossfitters. She posts exhaustive photos of her workouts, diet, and, most recently, the birth of her daughter, Florence.
But, even though things clearly turned out well for Leatherman, the media's having a hard time processing the fact that she was pumping iron right up until her due date. In the CNN interview, Meghan patiently answers the many questions of the (clearly concerned and incredulous) TV host. Yes, she performed more slowly and cautiously during her pregnancy. Yes, she wore a heart-rate monitor. And, yes, she was careful to remain hydrated at all times. But, Meghan points out that both her pregnancy and delivery went smoothly; labor lasted a mere 20 minutes, and she describes it as "the best workout I have ever completed." There you have it, folks. CrossFit and pregnant: Not nearly as shocking as it sounds.

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