Hannah Gets An Indecent Proposal In This Deleted Girls Scene

Girls really does have a special way of making us squirm sometimes. Yes, that's a hint that you shouldn't be reading this at work. The HBO series will debut its sixth and final season on February 12. Before that, you can binge-watch season 5 on DVD and Blu-Ray beginning January 3. Consider it your opportunity to relive gems like Marni's divorce revelation, Adam and Jessa's random romance, and some awkward sauna sex. Speaking of Hannah Horvath's sex life, Girls: The Complete Fifth Season features deleted scenes like this moment from episode 8. Remember when Hannah (Lena Dunham) surprised Ray (her totally platonic friend!) with a failed blow job while he was driving, triggering a car wreck instead of an orgasm? Good times. Here's what happened next. The deleted scene below shows Hannah getting a lift from Hector (Scandal's Guillermo Diaz), who loses his Good Samaritan charm once it occurs to him that she might be the type of person who dispenses vehicular fellatio to everyone. No, dude. No. Watch the uncomfortable moment below.
Video: Courtesy of HBO.

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